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EcoBase data access agreement

EcoBase is an online information repository of Ecopath models, supported by the Ecopath Research & Development Consortium ( EcoBase aims to facilitate the use of the Ecopath with Ecosim software, to encourage scientific collaborations between users, and to contribute to the development of aquatic ecosystem modeling. To do so, the database intends to make Ecopath models discoverable and accessible to the scientific community.

All models included in EcoBase have been published in the scientific literature (in peer-reviewed articles or technical reports). By approving this data access agreement, every user of EcoBase is committed to cite the full reference of each model used in all deriving scientific papers, reports or documents . In the case of a large meta-analysis, full references of all used models should be at least included as an appendix or supplementary materials of the related publication.

Users are encouraged to directly contact the authors of the models used, to keep them informed of potential results and publications, and to develop scientific partnerships whenever possible.

To that aim, emails of the authors are provided when accessing the EcoBase model repository.

I agree with EcoBase data agreement