Model name: Falkland Islands

Author: Cheung, W.W.L.
Country: Falkland Islands (Malvinas)Modelled area (km2): 527000
Ecosystem type: open oceanModelled period: 1990-1991
Ecosim used: TrueEcospace used: False
Number of Ecopath groups: 44Number of fleets: 1
Has Taxonomy: FalseHas Pedigree: False
Is Fitted: FalseComments:
Cheung W.W.L.,Pitcher T.J.(2005). A mass-balance model of the Falkland Islands fisheries and ecosystems Modeling Antarctic Marine Ecosystems. pp 65-84. In Palomares M.L.D.,Pruvost P.,Pitcher T.J.,Pauly D.