Model name: DiazUribe_1990_LaPazBay

Author: Díaz-Uribe, J.G.
Country: MexicoModelled area (km2): 7287
Ecosystem type: bay/fjordModelled period: 1990-2001
Ecosim used: FalseEcospace used: False
Number of Ecopath groups: 32Number of fleets: 1
Has Taxonomy: FalseHas Pedigree: False
Is Fitted: Comments:
Díaz-Uribe G.J.,Arreguín-Sánchez F.,Cisneros-Mata M.A.(2007). Multispecies perspective for small-scale fisheries management: A trophic analysis of La Paz Bay in the Gulf of California, Mexico Ecological Modelling. pp 205-222