Model name: Humboldt Current

Author: J.Tam, M. Taylor
Country: PeruModelled area (km2): 165000
Ecosystem type: upwellingModelled period: 1995-1996
Ecosim used: FalseEcospace used: False
Number of Ecopath groups: 33Number of fleets: 1
Has Taxonomy: FalseHas Pedigree: False
Is Fitted: Comments:
Tam J.,Taylor M.H.,Blaskovic V.,Espinoza P.,Michael Ballón R.,Díaz E.,Wosnitza-Mendo C.,Argüelles J.,Purca S.,Ayón P.(2008). Trophic modeling of the Northern Humboldt current ecosystem, Part I: comparing trophic linkages under La Niña and El Niño conditions Progress in Oceanography. pp 352-365