Model name: Banaru_2000_GulfLions

Author: Bănaru, D.
Country: FranceModelled area (km2): 20400
Ecosystem type: open oceanModelled period: 2000-2009
Ecosim used: FalseEcospace used: False
Number of Ecopath groups: 0Number of fleets: 0
Has Taxonomy: FalseHas Pedigree: False
Is Fitted: Comments:
Bănaru D.,Mellon-Duval C.,Roos D.,Bigot J.-L.,Souplet A.,Jadaud A.,Beaubrun P.,Fromentin J.-M.(2012). Trophic structure in the Gulf of Lions marine ecosystem (north-western Mediterranean Sea) and fishing impacts Journal of Marine Systems. pp 45-68