Model name: Han_2007_NamyangReservoir

Author: Han, J.-H.
Country: Republic of KoreaModelled area (km2): 5.89
Ecosystem type: reservoirModelled period: 2007-2007
Ecosim used: FalseEcospace used: False
Number of Ecopath groups: 0Number of fleets: 0
Has Taxonomy: FalseHas Pedigree: False
Is Fitted: Comments:
Han J.-H.,Kumar H.K.,Lee J.H.,Zhang C.-I.,Kim S.-W.,Lee J.-H.,Kim S.D.,An K.-G.(2011). Integrative trophic network assessments of a lentic ecosystem by key ecological approaches of water chemistry, trophic guilds, and ecosystem health assessments along with an ECOPATH model Ecological Modelling. pp 3457-3472