Model name: Baie de Seine

Author: Ghassen Halouani
Country: FranceModelled area (km2): 8771
Ecosystem type: EstuaryModelled period: 2000-2001
Ecosim used: FalseEcospace used: False
Number of Ecopath groups: 42Number of fleets: 6
Has Taxonomy: TrueHas Pedigree: True
Is Fitted: FalseComments: Effects of a fishery closure in an offshore wind farm
Halouani, G., Villanueva, C.-M., Raoux, A., Dauvin, J.C., Ben Rais Lasram, F., Foucher, E., Le Loc’h, F., Safi, G., Araignous, E., Robin, J.P., Niquil, N., 2020. A spatial food web model to investigate potential spillover effects of a fishery closure in an offshore wind farm. Journal of Marine Systems 212, 103434.